Welcome to Cheer Core Academy

Thank you for visiting Cheer Core Academy - the hottest TUMBLING and COMPETITIVE CHEER GYM in Huntsville, AL.

2015-2016 All-Star Families

Just a few reminders:

*Athlete placements and Summer Schedule will be available to view on Monday April 20th, at 12:00pm.

*We will start team practices the first week in May

*We will have our fittings for our practice clothing and uniforms on Saturday April 25th. Times of arrival are listed below by team placements.

 Youth 1 Whitetip Sharks  10:00 am
 Junior 2 Tiger Sharks  11:00 am
 Large Junior 3 Zebra Sharks  12:00 pm
Senior 4.2 Bull Sharks  1:30 pm

We LOVE what we do!!!

  Our goal and vision at Cheer Core Academy is not to have the best customer service but legendary service. With every child and every parent we will strive to serve to be the greatest in every aspect of cheer and tumble.

–Daniel Jordan-


Teamwork allows common Teams to obtain uncommon results. The teaching performance and methods at Cheer Core Academy is all about motivation, excitement, encouragement, and technique. We believe building a team to become ONE is the success of every team. We know what it takes to be the best because we’ve been there. Amongst our Staff members we have a total combined of 10 UCA National Championships.

Cheerleading and gymnastics is a sport that instills lifelong values and skills. Our main goal is to develop a well rounded athlete: physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Here at Cheer Core Academy we have developed a program that involves intense and directional training.

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